Sunday, May 27, 2012


I have this growing collections of single models that looked to cool to pass up at the time, but just never gotten around to painting them, I'm sure everyone has something similar to this, but I'm gonna try to make progress on these models. I'm thinking work on at least 1 model each week, and force myself to do a progress report to keep myself honest and on track.

I'm sure that I have more than this, but these were on my desk

These are some snipers from Warmahcine

Random assortment of Reaper Minis

More Reaper Minis

So I guess you'll see at least one of these guys next weekend with some work done to them, hopefully completed above all else.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Burfday!

The annual celebration of my arrival on this plane of existence has come once more. I don't really ask or expect anything like I did as a youngin', but those close to me might spend some coin for neat things in celebration. Nowadays I end up just spending some more cash on myself and get cool things and use the birthday as an excuse, as I'm sure most of you do as well.

Box art for the LAV-AT

The unboxing
My buddy Chris over at Sippin' on Paint Water was nice enough to get me a military model that we had discussed weeks before. An LAV model, this one of the AT variety, a beast coming in at 1:35 scale, which wasn't huge until I saw it for myself. Definitely something I'll have to dig into soon, it's too cool lookin not to!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kayseri Infantry Completed

My Kayseri strike force infantry have finally been painted for 5150 Star Army. I decided to go with a more colorful scheme on them, and to let the varying colors show the tribe that they hail from. I still need to paint their bases and the  commander and his little retinue, probably going with a yellow blue scheme for them, as a ruling class or something.

The painted infantry

Commander and retinue

Now just to finish that commander and his retinue, and figure out how im gonna paint the walker tanks I picked up for them and they will be fleshed out.

Divine Blessings

So the divine touch of greater beings has affected me this week,
and I've decided to start a Chaos army...
I introduce to you, Hadadezer's Guilded Disciples
(Haa-duh-deh-zhur, just in case you were curious)
I have a paint scheme and badge made for them, now for the army list, fluffy bits, and the work of assembly and paint.

My first squad of Chaos marines

If you look in the right places, you'll probably notice they aren't all made of just chaos bits, I'm making these guys more of a recent addition to the forces of chaos, they haven't entirely converted their armor to the dark gods. I can now add one more project to my to-do list, I really need to work on my Sons of Medusa as well as the three armies that need to be painted, but that's for a different post i suppose, eh?

Recent Absence

Ive been off of work for the past 2 weeks and decided to relax. Apparently I relaxed too much, too hard, cause I got almost nothing done, but man was it great. All I have to show for it is one more completed mini and work on about 4 others.

But I am painting more frequently than I used to, using my friends advice, "Just put some dam paint on it already" and believe it or not, its been working quite well. So with me going back to work this week and having reduced time at home, I will probably use my time more wiseley than doing absolutely nothing, and should knock some more stuff out soon.