Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Volochek Armour Reinforcements

 Monday was a good day after I received the tanks for my Volochekians. I also received my Rebel force for me and a few friends setting up a more modern scenario than the sci-fi games we've been playing.
Got the base coat on and went for a splotchy camo
Armoured column moving through
the woods with some infantry
I went back over the armour with a wash to pick out some more detail, added names to the tanks, and the flag to each vehicle. Just need to do the head and tail lights, the optics, and add some identification numbers or something to each. These have turned out well so far.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Volochek Respublik

The Volochek are going to be an army for my 15mm sci-fi games. I'm liking the way they are shaping up. I have all the infantry,(this is less than half) but I my tanks haven't arrived yet, and I am waiting on another manufacturer to finish casting a new release for these guys.
20 Conskripts ready to die
Forward you dogs!
Ready to deal with any threat
Looking forward to getting their armour and finishing out the rest of the army, let me know what you think.