Sunday, April 1, 2012

Paint day at The Grinning Gamer

Chris over at Sippin on Paint Water held a paint session over at The Grinning Gamer in Greensboro this afternoon. He helped those that attended with different painting techniques and color sorcery. While he assisted the masses in his dark art, I was busy painting a Liche that I had purchased from the same store a few weeks ago. I put a good 4 hours or so into him, and think he turned out pretty badass.

Liche just wants a high-five!
Floating around with his ghostly trail 
I like the color the armour turned out
I'm done with this guy for now. If I get back around to him later, I will probably add some more detail to his straps and buttons, etc. I still plan to add some painted cotton around his base to give him more of a ghostly vapor cloud to hover through, should be awesome! I should also be getting a lot of stuff painted over the next 2 weeks as I am between jobs and don't have much to do, and as I no longer have an excuse not to paint stuff.