Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the road again...

I'll be running around Roxboro and Hillsborough over the next couple of days doing my installs, and looking for interesting things to do/see. Also thinking about how I want to mod and paint the Predator that Chris so graciously painted a (surprisingly detailed) penis on... You can see it here if you wish. I do believe I'm going to toss on some plasticard plating for the extra armor, and thinking of a cool effigy of death that fits with the name, Pretium Tincidunt, "Money Shot", to paint on the rear hatch.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back from a long break

Haven't really been motivated over the past 2 months to post here or do much in that regard, but I'm looking to change that. I want to keep this blog active over the next year to prove to myself I can do it. I'm also looking to lose weight and better myself. So look forward to overviews of the places I travel every other week, frequent model updates, and things I'm changing or doing for myself. I look forward to a new year, and all of the opportunities that it may bring.