Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dungeon Crawl Board

This board went together surprisingly fast, its all made from 3/4" insulation foam. The main 2'x2' board has indentations marking every square inch, each wall is about 1" tall and 3" long with random indentations to make the walls look like brickwork. We had a small assembly line going and got all of the work done within a day. With some objectives made and everything painted up, we got a game started.

We made about 8' worth of wall sections
Starting area for our adventurers
First encounter with an undead enemy
I made small terrain bits as we moved into different rooms
Dead end in the Manors yard, lots of bodies, nothing of interest
We decided that opening the kitchen was a bad idea as enemies continuously flooded out
We finally made our way into the kitchen and killed the Lord of the Manors zombie, it wasn't easy
We took a short break and made 2 extra 1'x1' boards, this one has planters and statue plinths
We moved through the rest of the 1st floor of the Manor and cleared it of some terrible monstrosities

The last shot is what the board looked like at the end of the session, we had explored the first floor of the Manor and were ready to continue to the 2nd. I greatly look forward to continuing this story soon. I'm also in the midst of working on some Sci-fi terrain that is similar with walls and such.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


I'm still alive! I just got out of the habit of posting anything. So to make up for lost time I'm gonna post pictures of different projects and minis I've been working on. Everything in this is 15mm scale. Some things you see in these pictures will be featured in their own posts soon!

Recently purchased Pico Armor Hussari I
Recently purchased Pico Armor Hussari II 
Recently purchased Pico Armor Ghouls
Goblins from Splintered Light
A couple of the finished Goblins from Splintered Light
Troll from Splintered Light
Wraiths for Dungeon Crawl from Splintered Light
Skeleton Archers for Dungeon Crawl from Splintered Light
Saxons for Dungeon Crawl from Splintered Light
Zombies for Dungeon Crawl from Splintered Light
Some progress on the heap of Chuhauc from Loud Ninja Games by the girlfriend
15mm Dwarfs and SAS, apparently the British have discovered inter-dimensional travel. 
New Car for Death Race shenanigans

I've taken it apart and added a Coffin
Had a friend come up with an idea for a car out of the pile of them I've bought to re-purpose
All of the Totally not Terminators have finally been painted
Some more progress on Chem-War soldiers
Khurasans still fairly new VITRO Clone soldiers, girlfriends progress

Praesentia RAL Infantry from Critical Mass Games
Don't remember where these guys came from, but I love their design
Dwarf painted for Dungeon Crawl

The following are from a Dungeon Crawl game on a board with walls, doors, furniture made by me and a couple friends in a day. Aaron Reynolds over at Skies of Flies ran us through part one of an excellent game using some rules we found, Cavern Crawl. After we started using the rules it was great fun and easy to modify to our needs. Here are a few shots.

Excellent! Now that everyone is caught up, I can start with a few articles on some of the specific projects. There will definitely be one on the Dungeon Crawl stuff that's been done and is still being worked on.
If you see something in one of the pics you want to know more about, let me know in the comments!