Sunday, September 9, 2012

Volochek Air Support has Arrived!

I've been waiting for a few months for Khurasan Miniatures to release their DOE Gunship and they finally did this past week. So I quickly picked up the 3 pack of them and they arrived on the 8th, quick on the draw as usual. These gunships are some of the coolest looking 15mm scaled models I've seen, and plans to modify a few of them are already cropping up. I plan to have this one as a dedicated gunship, another to be a troop carrier, and the third will be a secret until I get it all together.
Its about 6 inches long...

and 3.5 inches wide

Scaled comparison with infantry
The kit is about 17 resin pieces, 7 metal pieces, and it comes with parts for landing gear up or down. Everything fit together well after a little TLC. This particular gunship will have its full weapon loadout of ATGM's, rocket pods, and the nose cannon. I will get more posted as I get more work done to this gunship and the troop carrier.