Monday, October 8, 2012

Test print from shapeways

So I have been working on my 3D modeling to try and make some 15mm terrain that I can then have printed out and mailed to me or anyone else that would want it. I wanted to see what one of the materials was like and ordered something myself.
Pow! Right in the nostalgia
This is the low poly-count Cloud Strife you run around as in Final Fantasy VII, he is modeled in the colored sandstone material, so theres no painting required. It has a rough finish, and feels like I can break it apart with my hands if I really wanted to, but for something that's going to sit on a table then be stored safely in a box when not in use, it should hold up fine. This is one of the cheaper materials that Shapeways offers prints in, there are some very high quality, sturdy materials, but they are more expensive. I am looking at Shapeways as a means to make terrain, I'm not terribly good at making terrain by hand, but I can use 3D programs much easier to get my ideas out of my head. I will be uploading some of my 3D models and test out my own creations soon!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Rim Wars Battle Fleets

To try something new I picked up 2 starter fleets from GZG's Full Thrust Line. I got the Kra'Vak and Neu Swabian League (NSL) starter fleet to play with, they have 8 ships each, plus stands. The smallest ships are about 25mm long. We are going to use the Full Thrust Lite rules, possibly altered slightly to add in some extra awesome for our tastes.

That's a lot of spaceships
The Kra'Vak Fleet (some assembly required)
The NSL Fleet (less assembly required)
 Overall these are some very cool looking ships, There are a few spots on the Kra'Vak ships where the metal has some small holes, but they are in very thin areas that are easily remedied. The NSL ships are very intact, and only the largest 2 ships have multiple pieces, and are easily assembled in seconds. I hope to get a game in with these this weekend, and add a new dynamic to our sci-fi Rim War games.